Our History



In May 2000, four men (including Paul Barbeau) in a small Kitchen in Plateau Mont-Royal, and with only a 100$ to invest and a case of beer... founded NuFilms, an upstart cutting edge Music Video production company.

In just a few years, the production company would grow to be one of the most prolific in the world, producing unofficially close to 1000 music videos, and in the process garnishing JUNO, JUTRA, MMVA'S, VICTORE DE LA MUSIQUE, and GRAMMY AWARD NOMINATIONS. The company would develop more than fifty different directors, approx. 25 directors of photography and more than 700 freelance artists, mostly all still working around the city of Montreal.

The record labels, hit hard by illegal downloading of music, unfortunately stopped investing in music videos. (since then however music videos are making a comeback! ...  Great news! )

However at the time, the music industry struggled and Nufilms had to shut its doors in december 2009 but decided to finish on a Bang: a Grammy Nomination for best music video for local Montreal artist BEAST. Since then, the company's illustrious past and its master tapes have now been protected for ever by Heritage Canada as a protected cultural fund with La Cinémathèque Québécoise.



To recuperate most the talent tied in to the company, Barbeau then created "Les Enfants", a production company specialized in the production of commercials. The company is still quite active and succesful in Quebec. 



Simultaneously, " REPRISE FILMS " was created to produce Feature Films with some of these emerging, cutting edge directors.

Barbeau immediately produced Maxime Giroux's and Ivan Grbovic's first feature films, ( notably JO POUR JONATHAN and ROMÉO ONZE) but more recently, has also worked with iconic Canadian Director MICHELINE LANCTÔT'S  latest film, AUTRUI / THE HANDOUT.

Barbeau, has also written and directed a feature film called Winter Passed (APRÈS LA NEIGE, original title) which was well received critically.

We also have done film servicing work on ANNA / MINDSCAPE, shot partly in Montreal out in June 2014. The film starring TAISSA FARMIGA, MARK STRONG  US RELEASE: Studio Canal/ Warner Bros. Vertical Media.

In four short years, the company has produced seven (7) feature films and has several new projects in development.


We actively seek Film Servicing and co-production opportunities with renowned Authors/Directors from all around the world.


PAUL BARBEAU IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm0044867/



Karlovy Vary  International Film Festival - Oecumenical Prize -  Romeo Onze

Festival International de Namur - Prix découverte (Best Film) Romeo Onze

Festival du Nouveau Cinema - Prix Focus (Best Canadian Film) Romeo Onze

Festival d'Annonay - Grand Prix Jury (Best Film) Romeo Onze

Thessaloniki International Film Festival Human Values Award - Best Film - Romeo Onze

St-Petersburg Film Festival - Best Cinematography Romeo Onze

Festival of Tiburon- Fellini Prize -  Best film             Romeo Onze

Festival of Monaco - Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Joseph Bou Nassar)

2013 Jutra Awards nominations 

Meilleur Film -             Paul Barbeau   Roméo Onze

Meilleur réalisateur    Ivan Grbovic     Roméo Onze

Meilleur scénario       Sara Mishara,   Ivan Grbovic    Romeo Onze

Meilleur montage:      Hubert Hayaud Romeo Onze

Meilleur acteur:           Ali Ammar          Romeo Onze


Gilles Carles Prize -        Best Film -      Jo pour Jonathan

Whistler Film Festival  - Best actor       Jo pour Jonathan

Thessaloniki Film Festival - City & Film Award - M. Film Jo pour Jonathan

Festival of New Cinema - AQCC Critic's prize - M.  film   Jo pour Jonathan

Gotham City Awards - Best Film, Best actor Jo pour Jonathan


JUTRA Awards nominations

M. Acteur de soutien   Sebastien Ricard   Avant que mon coeur bascule

M. Actrice de soutien  Sophie Lorain         Avant que mon coeur bascule

 Grand prix meilleur court-métrage - TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Les jours)

Prix Génie- Meilleur court-métrage (Le rouge au sol)

Melbourne International Film Festival - Meilleur court-métrage (Rouge au sol)

Nominations aux Grammy Awards-  Video (Hurricane/Nufilms (Levine-Baylen Stern)

Victoires de la musique (Paris) - Meilleur Videoclip (2), Zaho, Corneille